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Apostolic Lighthouse Church has family-centered ministries to meet the needs of our congregation and community. 

These ministries include classes and events for men, women, children, youth, college students, and senior citizens. We would love for you to become a part of the ministries we have by attending, participating, and volunteering. 


Children's Ministry

Teaching children how to have fun while learning about Jesus. 

Youth Ministry

Helping youth learn how to discover Jesus through the Bible. 

Hyphen Ministry

Facilitating young adults growth by teaching on life skills from a biblical perspective.


Providing fun opportunities for families to connect.

Ladies Ministry

Connecting women with each other and God through social and spiritual events.

Men's Ministry

Connecting men with each other and God through social and spiritual events


Outreach Ministry

Helping our community by building relationships and meeting needs.

Media Ministry

Helping individuals use their talents for God through sound, music, and media.

Prayer Ministry

Expanding your relationship with Jesus through prayer. Family Prayer is offered weekly. Circle of Servitude prayer team meets weekly.

Small Groups

Small Groups have a simple purpose, to encourage community. The disciples showcased this through Acts, when they went house to house spreading the Gospel. Home Groups are here to facilitate friendships and build community. Joining a Small Group will give you the opportunity to connect with others and become a part of the ALC community while learning more about Jesus!

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