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Apostolic Lighthouse Church Volleyball Rules


Court size is 60’ long and 30’ wide.


The objective in volleyball is to keep the ball from striking the floor/ground on your side of the net and return it so that it strikes the floor/ground on your opponent’s side, before they can return it.



  1.  The ball is put into play by the back right position from behind the rear boundary line using either an underhand or overhand serve.

  2. The serve must go over the net within the court boundaries on the other side.  A serve that hits the net and still goes over to the other side is a good serve and referred to as a “let serve.

  3. Theball can only be played with 3 touches, per team, per play, and then must be sent over the net.  The hit can be made with any body part.  The ball can go over the net with less than 3 touches without penalty.

  4. If played inside, if the ball hits the ceiling and goes over the net , it is a “dead ball”.  If it hits the ceiling and falls back to the original side, it is playable if there are still hits available.

  5. The ball may not be hit 2 times in a row by any one player.

  6. A ball that lands on the boundary line is considered “in”.

  7. For every side out made, the team that is awarded the serve must rotate in a clockwise manner.

  8. A point is scored to the team that serves the ball when the play ends with a “dead ball” in the opponent’s court. That team continues to serve until there is a “dead ball” in their court resulting in a side out.

  9. Each game is played to 15 points and the winning team must win by at least 2 points.

  10. Each team can be made up of up to 6 players.  If a team has less than 6 players the opposing team can still have all 6 players on the court.

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