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Apostolic Lighthouse Church Cook-Off Rules


Our endeavor is to make our cook-off fair and honest with no one receiving an advantage over anyone else.

A total blind judging system will be used to insure anonymity of the cook. After judging, all entries will be served as part of the meal. 


Entry fee is $10.00 per item ($50.00 fee to enter each category 1 time – additional entries $10.00 each).

All meats must be COOKED ON SITE: All meat will be brought to the site RAW.

No pre-marinating, pre-soaking or pre-spicing. 

Official Start Time: 2:00 PM, Saturday, May 28th. Registrations will be accepted until 7 PM on Saturday.


The Meat Categories:

  1. CHICKEN: Chicken breast or chicken halves.

  2. PORK RIBS: Ribs shall include the bone. Country style ribs are prohibited.

  3. BEEF BRISKET: May be whole brisket, flat, or point. Corned beef is not allowed.

Judging: Points will be earned on taste (50%), texture (25%) and appearance (25%).

  • Contestants shall provide all needed equipment and supplies.

  • Fire shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal. Gas and electric grills shall not be permitted. Propane is permitted as a fire starter, provided that the competition meat is not in/on the cooking device. Electrical accessories such as spits, augers, or forced draft are permitted. No open pits or holes are permitted. Fire shall not be built on the ground.

  • Parboiling and/or deep-frying competition meat is not allowed.

  • We judge meat only. No garnish or additional sauce is allowed.  The cook will be provided with a tray and one sheet of foil which is to be placed in the bottom of the tray.  The meat is placed on the foil.  Nothing is to “puddle” in the tray.

  • Each Contestant must submit at least four (6) separate and identifiable (visible) portions of meat in a container. Chicken may be submitted chopped, pulled, sliced, or diced as the cook sees fit, as long as there is enough for up to six (6) judges. Ribs shall be bone-in. Brisket shall be sliced.

  • Meat shall not be sculptured, branded or presented in a way to make it identifiable. Rosettes of meat slices are not allowed.

  • Other Categories

  • (Beans, potato salad, and FRUIT dessert)

Judging: Points will be earned on taste and appearance.

  • These items may be cooked at home.

  • Beans can be cooked with whatever you want to use, however, turned in portions - beans only (no meat, onions, etc.)

  • Desserts will be turned in whole.

Turn in Times

(Judging to begin 15 minutes after posted turn-in times)

Chicken &Bean:11:30am                      Pork Ribs &Potato Salad: 11:45am          Beef Brisket & Dessert:12:00pm

  • Entries will be submitted in a provided container. The ticket stub must be on the bottom of the container at turn-in. The container shall not be marked in anyway so as to make the container unique or identifiable. Aluminum foil, toothpicks, skewer, foreign material, and/or stuffing are prohibited in the container.

  • Turn-in times are 15 minutes prior to judging time. An entry will be judged only at the time established. The allowable turn-in time will be five (5) minutes before or after the posted time. Late entries will not be accepted.

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